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DOWNTOWN Letter to the Editor from Jillian Kilby - Owner & Founder of The Exchange


JILLIAN KILBY - Owner & Founder of The Exchange

Dear Anna,


Happy New Year, and congrats on 10 years as Director of everything DOWNTOWN.


I've been sitting here reading your magazine cover to cover in the haze of Decemuary 2022/23, reflecting on the year behind and not straining too hard to anticipate the year ahead.


What strikes me is the achievement of 10 years of sharing rural stories as beautifully as you do, and this motivated me to write to congratulate you.


THE POWER OF STORY; Back in 2010, a journalist and woman I admired called Jen Coutey wrote a story about my move to Walgett and starting my engineering business. What she put on paper was above and beyond and better than I thought of myself. She elevated me through her words, and I felt like I spent the next 12 months growing into the big shoes she made for me.


I share this story because what Jen did for me and my career is what you do for business owners, parents, go-getters, volunteers, advocates and communities.




The thread that ties us all together is that we are passionate about regional living and believe the best is yet to come.


Here's cheers to your next decade. With love and respect,


Jillian Kilby xox

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