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DOWNTOWN About Us - Grace Brennan from Buy From The Bush

Our Mission

Downtown Magazine is the Australian regional

life well lived.

As the influential and intellectual guide to good taste, elegant living and refined style, DOWNTOWN chronicles Australia's significant people, places and moments with a voice that is all at once authoritative, definitive, and a little daring. 

About Us

For ten years, the story of DOWNTOWN has been the story of those living in regional Australia. Today, more than ever, it tells us not just where we have been but who we are and where we are going.

One of DOWNTOWN's unique roles is profiling and celebrating people, places and businesses.    Throughout its ten years in the media landscape, the magazine has both reflected and influenced Australian societal changes.

As the undisputed authority on modern living for the last decade, DOWNTOWN is a trusted and recognised name. With its fearless content and original design, the magazine aims to enlighten, inspire and enrich the lives of its readers.

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