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Issue 35

Issue 35


Welcome to the next chapter of DOWNTOWN Magazine - The Australian Regional Life Well Lived.


After a decade of highlighting regional New South Wales, we're embarking on a new journey - going national! We're thrilled to bring the essence of regional Australia to the forefront. As your trusted guide to good taste, elegant living, and refined style, DOWNTOWN is now turning its lens toward the inspirational people, unique places, and businesses that define regional Australia.


In this special edition, we take you on a heartfelt journey to celebrate the talented makers, creators, and retailers who call regional Australia home. Shopping locally isn't just about boosting the economy; it's about forging profound connections with the faces behind these businesses and the stories that make them extraordinary. 


At the heart of this edition is an exceptional woman who changed the conversation, told a different story, and long before us, shone the spotlight on Australia's regional businesses. Meet the remarkable Grace Brennan, a beacon of inspiration amidst the red-soiled landscapes of rural Australia. Her story is unlike any other, woven from the vibrant threads of community, empathy, and selfless dedication. She's the force behind Buy From The Bush, a cultural phenomenon that channeled an astonishing $14 million into struggling businesses, proving that a shared vision can triumph over the harshest droughts.


In this issue, we pay tribute to Grace Brennan, who not only saved businesses but also preserved a way of life, fortified communities, and nurtured an ecosystem. Grace's altruism became the bridge that linked city and country, commerce and compassion, despair and hope. She is unequivocally our Saving Grace.


Pre-order your copy now on our website, and get ready to be inspired by the incredible stories of regional Australia's small businesses and the woman who started it all.


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