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2024 Artist Collaboration Calendar

2024 Artist Collaboration Calendar

$49.95 Regular Price
$39.95Sale Price

Embrace a year of artistic wonder with DOWNTOWN Magazine's 2024 Artist Collaboration Wall Calendar. A seductive blend of sophistication and audacity, this A3 masterpiece is not merely a calendar but a curated exhibition, gracing your walls month after captivating month. Crafted in collaboration with 12 of Australia's most electrifying abstract artists, each page bursts with bright, bold visuals that breathe life into your space, evoking the unapologetically vibrant spirit of the Australian life well lived.


Printed on lavish 200gsm premium uncoated grange stock, each artwork unfurls like a monthly revelation, elevating not just your interiors but your very sense of time. Imagine, each month greeted by a dazzling new artwork, each day framed by an ever-changing palette of colour, texture, and form. It's a joyful escapade for those who dare to seize life and live it with aesthetic conviction.


This sumptuous calendar is a symphony of good taste, elevating the mundane into the mesmerizing. It's not merely about keeping track of days but about enriching them. To put it candidly, it's a datekeeper for the divine, the daring, and the downright stylish.


Already a cult favourite, this calendar sells out annually, becoming the ultimate “get it before it's gone” treasure. 

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