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When Wendy Carpenter wasn't well, & modern medicine had nothing to offer she turned to naturopathic methods. As her health returned she became fascinated with alternate medicine, studying it, and practicing it, and 20 years later with her business Essence Natural Therapies, she is still helping people return to their natural & vibrant state of being.

Tell us a little bit about Essence Natural Therapies.

I work to unlock the keys for people to return to vibrant health and physical, mental, and essential well-being through the myriad of issues we experience.

Beautiful things occur when our system is switched on, supported, and aligned, and our true potential can arise.

From infants, we mature, allergies and food issues, hormones, female health, digestive, respiratory, immune, learning, cognitive and neurological, stress and energy, structural strength and movement, the list is as long as our individuality.

I use several leading-edge modalities to facilitate the return that is our innate vitality. While they are beautifully gentle, these methods extend our understanding of how we work and function as human beings. It’s pretty amazing!

I have been in practice for 20 years and am continually in awe of the miraculous nature that leads our system. It brings great joy to see people take off in their life.

What was your key driving force for starting Essence Natural Therapies?

Through my health journey, I was introduced to naturopathic methods, which turned things around for me. I was not well, and modern medicine had nothing to offer. As my health returned, I got to the stage where “I just have to understand how this works!” I started studying herbal medicine when my daughter was a baby and changed careers. It was too important to keep these keys to natural health just to myself, and that was the call to share what I had experienced with the world.

The methods I use at Natural Essence Therapies are the same methods I use on myself, which is how I have ensured the health and well-being of myself and my loved ones throughout the various stages of life.

I explore what makes real and tangible differences and aim to access the roots of where an issue stems from. What drives me are the continual questions ‘why did this occur?’, ‘How did this system get overloaded to the point where it couldn’t naturally get back on track?’ And ‘which way is the path to return to their natural and vibrant state of being?’

It takes me to the leading edge of science and the astounding intelligence within our bodies. I have had the most incredible privilege of studying with the most amazing pioneers worldwide to bring these modalities to my home in regional Australia. I don’t believe we always have to travel to the city to get the best. Many times it can be right on our doorstep.

As an expert in the health and wellbeing industry, what advice can you give to women in business?

As women, our identity often becomes intertwined with the various roles we take on in life, including our relationships, personal connections, and professional pursuits. We do this as a commitment, but if something shakes these roles, as can happen in life, we can feel uncertain and lost. ‘Who am I without…/ if I don’t… / if I’m not…’

When establishing a business, we invest our time, effort, and emotions into it and present it to the world. Nevertheless, any disturbances can leave us insecure and questioning our abilities. Knowing 'who we are' beyond 'what we do' allows freedom, adaptability, and a vibrant life.

Ask yourself, ‘what brings me joy?’ ‘How do I nurture myself?’ ‘What do I need, and am I listening to my inner voice?’ ‘Where do I feel creative, and where do I play?’

Because it is there where your inspiration lies.

When our cup is full, we can share without depleting ourselves. We are robust and precise, able to make decisions that support ‘us,’ support what we do, and allow our customers to have confidence in us without even trying.

How do you stay productive when you’re feeling burnout?

Recognising that you are is the key. I can easily keep pushing through, but my body and energy say otherwise! However counterintuitive it feels, I have to Stop! It may be for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, a day, or maybe a week, but I change the scenery, so I don’t automatically slip into what I feel needs to be done, but instead, I can listen to what the burnout is telling me.

It’s not that I’m not enough! Instead, it is showing me that something needs to change. More often than not, it is because I have been giving out more than I have been giving to myself, or I have forgotten where I put the joy in amongst everything else. Burnout can be a positive thing if you can learn to listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

What’s on the horizon for Essence Natural Therapies in 2023?

I have been working with a BioEnergetic system called QEST4 that is state of the art. It may look small but it is a phenomenally intelligent system for picking up information that is out of balance for someone and identify the perfect remedy match that the body needs in this moment to return to balance and vitality. We then imprint this information into a remedy and it promotes balance to restore. It blows me away how it can reveal a direction and insight into an area that has been under the surface.

And the latest work in our Masters programme in Neurological Integration is ground breaking! The work that we have been doing has taken a phenomenal leap in being able to access deep key areas and it has been showing wonderful results.

Location: GUNNEDAH | NSW Website:


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