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Noticing a gap in the market, Kate Wade trusted her ability to build connections and bring the regional approach to corporate functions with One More Event.

Tell us a little bit about one more event. One More Event is an Event Management business located in Dubbo. We specialise in the planning and delivery of corporate-style events and can coordinate all aspects to ensure the day is organised, professional and successful. What inspired you to start one more event? I had been working as the Manager of a coworking space, The Exchange in Dubbo for several years, and my favourite part of the role was helping clients plan their events. We coordinated everything from small business workshops and board meetings, right up to hosting people like the CEO of Telstra and the Deputy Prime Minister. It was during this time that I applied for an Event Management Scholarship Program, through Destination NSW. The scholarship offered people in regional NSW the opportunity to undertake a Diploma of Event Management through the renowned Meetings and Events Australia. I was thrilled to be awarded as the Western NSW recipient, and as soon as I started studying, I knew that I wanted to forge a career in the industry. I had noticed that there was a gap in the market when it came to organising and executing corporate events in the region, so I decided to have a crack at doing my own thing and so, One More Event was born. My very first event was for a government agency and I remember standing at the back of the room during that event reflecting on all of the hard work, and knowing that I did it all on my own was a very satisfying feeling. It’s only early days yet, but I just keep saying yes to every opportunity - so far it is working in my favour. What makes one more event so unique? We understand regional people and regional issues and believe organisations like to deal with a familiar face, rather than a big company from the city. Personally, my family is local to the Dubbo region, and having lived here for most of my life, I have a lot of friends, and a large professional network within the community, including established relationships with local vendors. They know me, and they trust me to do a good job. What's the most rewarding aspect of owning/runnin your pwn business? I love having the ability to choose projects that align with my values and work with people that I know and trust. Plus, having flexible work hours is always a bonus, especially with young children. Noticing a gap in the market, Kate Wade trusted her ability to build connections and bring the regional approach to corporate functions with One More Event. What have been some challenges you have faced in starting your own business? The biggest challenge for me has been the estimating and quoting process. It’s a very fine line between ensuring that the client gets the right level of value, whilst still ensuring that my business can remain sustainable and profitable. Whats the best piece of business advice that you have ever received? Someone once told me to outsource the things you aren’t good at, to give you the time to focus on the things you are good at. I took this advice on board, and straight away set myself up with a great small biz accountant (shoutout to Mel from Martel Wheatley in Dubbo), a very clever graphic designer (Ellie Dunlevy), a profesh photographer (my gal pal Clancy Paine) and I even get a house cleaner to help out when I’m super busy, because who has time for that! How do you balance work and life/mum responsibilities? I would say I don’t balance work and Mum responsibilities very well - it is always a constant juggle and I drop the balls ALOT! The key to juggling is to know that some of the balls you have in the air are made of plastic and some are made of glass. I have learnt that it is OK to drop the plastic ones now and then, the priority is to always keep the glass ones in the air.

Where do you envision yourself in five years? Oh my gosh, who knows where I will be in five years' time. I will have finished my Event Management Diploma, and will hopefully be running my successful event business from a fancy office in the heart of town. I will also be living in the same house in Dubbo and trying to parent my teenage children without tearing my hair out! What's on the horizon for one more event in 2023? Lots of events! Our calendar is just about booked out for the year, and we are so excited to be working with some fantastic people, and bringing some amazing conferences, workshops, and celebrations to Dubbo and the Central West.

Location: DUBBO | NSW

Instagram: @onemoreevent

Photography: Clancy Paine


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