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Jacinta & Alicia are two sisters who grew up dreaming of fairies, magical lands & mythical creatures. Once they had kids of their own, all this inner playfulness resurfaced & they found a niche - now bringing the joy & whimsy of their own childhood to others through their Mindful Magic® potion kits.

Tell us a little bit about The Little Potion Co.

Our potion kits are special little boxes of joy, which include fun ingredients that fizz and bubble, affirmation cards to recite for a positive mindset, spells that open up communication and stories that encourage creative thinking and play. Our potions empower young people by helping them to find their inner magic. They are handmade by us and our extraordinary team of women in Melbourne, using non-toxic ingredients, bio glitter and a touch of magical pixie dust.

How did The Little Potion Co. come about?

Once upon a time, Jacinta’s son asked for a potion kit. When she couldn’t find one, she created one herself. It’s the age-old business story of finding a gap in the market and taking a giant leap to create a business. It’s not been easy, and we’ve gone from working out of Jacinta’s backyard through Covid to having a thriving growing business from our warehouse in just three years. We love being able to run a family business making magic every day, and our kids still help us to come up with the best potion ideas!

What makes The Little Potion Co. unique?

We are a product-based business that also creates magical and memorable childhood experiences. We have created a product that is not only fun to play with but also an introduction to self-care at a young age. Our Mindful Magic® Potion kits are a completely unique product, and in this digital world we are living in, they help children to slow down, have a mindful moment, and focus on their emotional wellbeing, all through the magic of play!

What’s the most rewarding aspect of starting The Little Potion Co.?

Jacinta: The most rewarding part of our business is hearing from our customers about how much they have loved the ease of playing with their children and how our kits have helped them through difficult times and tricky emotions.

Alicia: We love that we have been able to create a unique product that empowers children. We are also proud to have created a work environment that is open, safe and respectful, and we love that we can support our team of mums and inspirational women to have a job and a life they love.

What’s the best piece of business advice that you have ever received?

Jacinta: We were told from the start to get your pricing right and to believe that you’re going to thrive.

Alicia: Put yourself out there! Start social media early and take your followers through the business-building process. That way, you’ll have potential customers ready to purchase when you launch.

Who do you look to for guidance and mentorship?

Jacinta: As sisters and business partners, we are lucky to have each other to go to for guidance. We also have incredibly talented staff who are logical, creative and inspiring. There are many other small business owners who we chat with daily. We are not afraid to ask questions and love to give advice back where we can.

Alicia: We have a few mentors we have worked with over the past couple of years. But mostly, it’s the other women in business we have connected with. We have a great community of women around us.

What’s on the horizon for The Little Potion Co. in 2023?

We have many more kits in the pipeline, including a range of teen magic and a potion subscription. We are also seeing more adults wanting to find a way to play and embrace their inner child, so we would love to get into corporate, creative development and play workshops, as well as potion sets for hen parties and other self-care events.

location: Truganina, VIC


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