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Holly MacCue never set out to be an entrepreneur, but as a sales and messaging coach and marketing specialist, she is helping hundreds of clients from over 50 different industries share their brilliance in a way that genuinely changes lives.

Tell us a little bit about HOLLY MACCUE INTERNATIONAL.

I’m a Sales and Messaging Coach and Marketing Strategist for online, service-based entrepreneurs. I help them to create a powerful personal brand and master their messaging so that consumers see them as the clear choice over their competitors. My programs teach the art of authentic selling using buyer psychology so business owners can effortlessly sign clients without needing paid advertising. I do this through digital courses, online group programs, and 1-1 services.

How did the idea for your business come about?

Ironically, I had never set out to become an entrepreneur at the start of my career. My background is a decade of experience working as a brand strategist for Fortune 500 companies in the fast-paced world of global consumer brands (such as Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Gillette, Dove skincare, and Tresemme shampoo, to name a few). I planned to work my way up to become a Marketing Director, but one day in my mid-twenties, I was having dinner with friends overlooking the iconic Thames river in London when I had the sinking thought, “I guess I’ll just be happy when I retire.” At the time, I was “successful on paper” - I had landed my dream job, but behind the scenes, I struggled big-time with imposter syndrome, a fear of failure, and burnout. Being in this head space sparked a full-blown Quarter Life Crisis that left me questioning everything I knew about success.

This inevitably led to the self-discovery journey that resulted in me becoming a certified business coach in 2013. Shortly after, my husband and I moved from London to Sydney, I longed to support other women in the workplace, but I had never run my own business, which ultimately meant I was starting my life from scratch with zero networks. I negotiated a part-time senior marketing position where I job-shared the role to ease my way into the entrepreneurial world. This way, I could have the best of both worlds: an exciting corporate career working with multi-million dollar brands and my side hustle. By the time I had my first daughter in 2018, my business had grown significantly, which meant I didn’t need to return to my corporate job after maternity leave. I now run my business part-time around my family while supporting clients worldwide from my home office - I still have to pinch myself sometimes!

What has been the most rewarding aspect of starting your own business?

Helping hundreds of clients from over 50 different industries to share their brilliance in a way that genuinely changes lives (including child allergy specialists, pediatric sleep consultants, women’s health & wellbeing mentors, trauma healers, and life coaches). My clients are incredible at what they do, but they often struggle to communicate their value in a way that resonates with their target audience. Helping them reach consumers who can benefit from their services whilst growing their own freedom-based business is the best feeling ever.

What keeps you motivated?

My daughters (Ella, four, and Olivia, two). I’m only human, and sometimes I don’t “feel like” doing things, or it feels scary to take the next big step - (whether that is launching a new offer or speaking online to thousands of people). But what keeps me moving forwards is the sense of freedom that my business gives me (that I never experienced in my corporate days). The ability to choose my hours and work within my zone of passion and brilliance, never needing to get a boss’s permission to have time with my family, and being there for the moments that matter, is something I will never give up. I started my business for a family I didn’t have then, and I am so grateful for the younger me who took massive leaps of faith to get me here when there were no guarantees.

How do you balance work and life responsibilities?

Honestly - very imperfectly! Things that help are having a cleaner, childcare, excellent team support, and creating a business model that allows me to serve clients from home versus needing to travel. I set boundaries for myself and with my clients, so when I am not working, I can be present with my girls. Lastly, having a separate office space so I can shut the door and walk away on the weekends.

What’s on the horizon for Holly MacCue International in 2023?

2022 saw the relaunch of my signature online program, Magnetic Selling. This year will be about expanding this to support more business owners worldwide to learn how to sell with integrity, authenticity, and ease. I’m also planning an incredible in-person event and will be writing my first book, so watch this space!

Location: TAMWORTH | NSW


Instagram: @hollymaccue Facebook: Holly MacCue Coaching Photography: Heist Creative


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