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Taking on the advice that they should do “something you love”, the founders of The Plains Pantry have drawn on their family dynamic - and the produce of the Liverpool Plains - to create a sought-out gourmet hub.

Tell us about The Plains Pantry.

The Plains Pantry is a gourmet grocer aiming to showcase as many local products as possible, primarily focusing on food. We also aim to provide travellers with a pit stop on the New England Highway and a spot for locals to enjoy a cup of coffee. Our pies quickly became a crowd favourite, with all fillings and pastries created on-site using local products. We also stock small-batch boutique alcohol.

Our name, The Plains Pantry, came from our vision to provide a pantry for the Liverpool Plains, a place to showcase all the products that are made around our beautiful Liverpool Plains.

What is the unique about The Plains Pantry?

Finding different options when travelling can be difficult, and we like to think we give people this. It’s nice to have a salad and buy the dressing home. We are also lucky to be close to Colly Creek station - all our beef is raised and butchered straight across the road.

What do you love about owning your own business?

Working with your family isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is in our blood, and we love it! We also love finding fabulous products that clever people create around our area. We have also made so many beautiful relationships with our suppliers.

Any challenges at the beginning of your journey?

We had yet to learn how busy the Pantry would be initially, so working out staffing numbers and trading hours was a real learning curve.

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment as small business owners?

All our lovely repeat customers. Nothing is nicer than when people stop in on their travels one way and then again on the way back.

Between you all, what's the nest piece of business advice you have been given?

Create something you love! This advice stays with us as we all had a role in creating the Pantry, and all had interests in different areas. It all came together, and it worked!

How do you balance work/life responsibilities?

It’s never easy, especially when many little children are involved. Still, we also know it’s beautiful to grow up in an environment where your family are passionate about what they do. It’s all hands on deck most days!

What advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders?

Don’t be scared to take a risk and do what you love to do every day!

What's on the horizon for The Plains Pantry in 2023?

We want to continue to keep the Pantry a relaxed and inviting place for those travelling on the New England Highway and for our locals. We plan to keep our food interesting and fresh and change our menu with the season. We also want to grow our store - we always look for a new great local product to showcase.

Location: WILLOW TREE | NSW Website:

Instagram: @theplainspantry

Photography: Sally Alden


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