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Passionate, creative & determined Emma Baker, took an 1880s church and music hall and turned it into a treasure trove of handpicked fashion, homewares, and art, which is Good Day Lifestyle Co. Emma’s not afraid to jump headfirst into bright colors and bold designs, and stocks Australian brands, including plenty of smaller makers. With her bright, beautiful, and joyful store, Emma has one mission and one mission only, she wants everyone when visiting to have had a Good Day.

Tell us a little bit about Good Day Lifestyle Co.

Located in a historic music hall in the vibrant town of Mudgee, Good Day Lifestyle Co is a treasure trove of handpicked fashion, homewares, and art. Here at Good Day, our mission is simple: we want everyone to have a Good Day.

That’s why our shop is a bold collection of pieces chosen to promote individualism and bring a little fun to your wardrobes and homes. In-store and online, you’ll find Australian brands, including plenty of smaller makers, as we firmly believe the best of the best is in our own backyard.

What inspired you to start Good Day Lifestyle Co?

The idea of Good Day had been swirling around my head for a long time and moving to Mudgee I felt there was space in this thriving little town for my colour and joy-filled concept.

But what really solidified the idea was the building; built in the 1880s as a Salvation Army church and music hall, it is packed full of wonky character and charm. I was on maternity leave when I heard it was coming up for lease and I knew I would regret it if we didn’t give it a shot. So, my creative daydream suddenly had a place to call home!

What is unique about Good Day Lifestyle Co?

Highlighting small makers and emerging Australian brands is really important to us. I get such a buzz from unearthing brands that are creating products packed full of individualism and personality that you won’t find in the big high street stores. Being able to bring not just the products, but the stories behind the brands, to our customers, makes for a unique shopping experience. I truly want our customers to find pieces they will love for a lifetime not just dump in the next trend cycle, almost like a retail love match!

We are also not afraid to jump headfirst into bright colors and bold designs. I am a great believer in ‘dress how you want to feel’ and applying this concept across Good Day as a whole. Perfectly showcased in our branding, designed by my sister, it is bold, bright, and joyful! I mean it's pretty hard not to stand out when you wheel a five-foot-tall bright yellow a-frame out every morning!

What’s the most rewarding aspect of starting your own business?

The feeling of someone walking into the store and saying ‘Wow, it's beautiful!’ or ‘I’ve never seen this brand before, it's great!’. Man, that feels good!

It is so daunting starting a new business and taking the gamble that customers will connect with the style you put out there, but the moment you realise someone walking through the doors or clicking online gets it, and LOVES it, really does make my heart burst with pride. And it feels even better when they decide to purchase one of the pieces that I love too!

What have you sacrificed at any stage of your career?

When we first moved to Mudgee I was nervous about leaving the city for a variety of reasons. I knew it meant I was sacrificing the opportunity to climb the fashion industry career ladder in the ‘traditional sense’. I had also never lived rurally, so knew I was going to have to learn a lot very quickly. Life looks a little different living on 20 acres, 30 mins from town, on tank water and solar power compared to an apartment in the city, but I wouldn’t change any of it now!

The biggest sacrifice at the moment would definitely be time with my young daughter, Olivia, and husband, Jim. Olivia was 6 months old when we started renovations on the shop so the pull between being a new mum and a new business owner was hard. Right now we don’t have any full days all together as a family so that can be challenging, but it does mean we really squeeze as much love and fun as we can out of the limited time we have all together.

What’s the best piece of business advice that you have ever received?

‘You have nothing to lose from asking’. That is something my mum always instilled into our family growing up and while it isn’t strictly business advice I have felt myself coming back to it constantly while opening Good Day. It is such a simple yet effective guide to challenges you face or questions you have. From asking a brand to become a stockist, asking your accountant to explain your BAS yet again, to simply asking a customer how their day has been. By asking, you are always going to learn something even if it wasn’t what you were looking for, and what’s the harm in that?

What’s on the horizon for Good Day Lifestyle Co in 2023?

2023 is shaping up to be jam-packed and full of new adventures!

Good Day will be hosting some fun events including new collection launches and workshops so keep a keen eye on our socials and sign up to our monthly newsletter to find out more.

Every two months we have a new art exhibit and sell their work at Good Day; 2023 is completely now booked so we are on the hunt to fill 2024 with some amazing talent!

We will also be dipping our toe in some custom styling work which is very exciting! This is an evolving side to Good Day so contact us via our website if you would like to know more.

Location: MUDGEE | NSW Website:

Instagram: @gooddaylifestyleco Facebook: Good Day Lifestyle Co Photography: Tim White


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