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The owner and founder of Evamor Valley, Charmaine Hurrell firmly believe's that you should never change who you are or what you are made of. And encourages you all, too; LIVE YOUR DREAM!

Tell us a little bit about your business Evamor Valley -

Located on a stunning 34-hectare working farm property alongside the Cudgegong River. Evamor Valley affords its guests a world away from the city chaos.

Our tents have been carefully located to ensure privacy while offering proximity to the property’s stunning natural surroundings. Each tent is lovingly fitted with lush décor: from buttery smooth sheets to a gorgeous stone sink and gold tapware, every element is designed with pure relaxation in mind.

Each has a private hot tub, deck, fire pit, BBQ, and expansive country views. Even better – Evamor Valley is a stone’s throw from some of Mudgee’s best wineries, restaurants, shopping, and outdoor locations, making it the perfect place to stay for the ultimate getaway.

Our tents are purposely designed so guests can switch off from their daily lives and re-connect with nature and each other.

How did the idea for Evamor Valley come about?

The idea of Evamor came about after many evening walks around our property (generally with a rose` in hand) and discussions with family and friends about sharing our beautiful property.

We as a family love camping and the great outdoors, and this straight away set us down the path of finding a balance of camping without pitching the tents and swags and having a sense of luxury while being in nature.

We wanted to create a space for people who want to get away and escape their everyday lives; every day seems so fast past. Evamor is a place where they can come and relax without pressure, but (there’s always a but) feel comfortable and connect with our beautiful property.

We wanted people to stop and breathe and realise how beautiful our country is. It has taken a lot of hard work to get the property to the stage it is at now; before this, it was pretty run down. There were no gardens or lawns, but we were blessed with the beautiful gum trees on the property. We had a blank canvas to work with and had to come up with a new property name. Evamor combines our two daughters’ names, Eva and Morgan. It’s a little love letter to both of them.

What is unique about Evamor Valley?

It’s filled with love. We have poured our heart and soul (and a lot of hard physical labour) into this property, and I think we have the balance just right.

The uniqueness of Evamor is we are so close to Mudgee CBD and wineries, but once you’re on the property, it’s like you are nestled away in the middle of nowhere; the only thing surrounding you is nature. Each eco-tent is private, so it’s fantastic for couples and perfect for groups.

What’s the best piece of business advice that you have ever received?

Run your own race. You don’t always need a well-laid-out plan; sometimes, you just need to trust yourself and trust the product you have is worthy

What have you sacrificed (both personally and professionally) at any given stage of your career?

My biggest personal sacrifice was working full-time while raising my daughters. It was my choice, but I felt it was necessary. Professionally, I had a Homewares store in town for 7yrs, and my biggest sacrifice was closing my homewares retail shop due to illness.

Women have long represented the archetype of the ‘juggler’. How do you balance work & life responsibilities?

Many late nights just to prepare everything for the next day and a good memory! For some reason, most women can just get the job done. My girls and Chad (my husband) are always at the forefront of my mind. I definitely have some OCD tendencies and function much better when I am organised, but being this way ensures that the rest of the family have everything they need. Honestly, the busier you are, the more organised you are.

What would you say is your personal definition of success?

Above all, happiness! I have an amazing husband and two beautiful, strong independent girls; I live in a beautiful town with a supporting family and fantastic friends.

Most people measure success on financial wealth, but to me, it’s your own personal vision, and what everyone else says or believes, does not matter. No one is an overnight success; achieving your goal can take years of trial and error. Don’t overthink, and don’t try to do it all at once.

One day you’ll look back and see how far and how much you have grown, and you will realise there is no timeline for where you need to be in years to come.

What advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders?

Don’t ever change who you are or what you’re made of. Surround yourself with like-minded people, learn from your mistakes, understand that no one is perfect, and never underestimate yourself. Live your dream!

What’s on the horizon for Evamor Valley in 2023?

By the end of March we will have another three luxury eco-tents, giving Evamor Valley six luxury eco-tents. It is really exciting to include another three tents in our offering when we’re only 12mths old.

We will also build on our brand, allowing our guests to have an amazing experience at their own pace.

Location: Mudgee | NSW

Instagram: @evamorvalley

Facebook: @evamorevalley

Photography: Stephanie Halpin Photography


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