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Camilla Thompson uses the love language of good food to help her clients see the benefits of fuelling themselves with better food that is full of flavour and nourishment.

Tell us a little bit about Good Plate.

Good Plate is a nutrition and health coaching business born from the love of good food and meaningful movement. I have a holistic approach to health and wellness and work with my clients to help them achieve their health goals - primarily through nutrition and exercise, and without ever compromising on quality food and flavour. It’s all about balance, commitment and consistency.

I am a passionate cook and food is my love language - nourishment is more important to me than calorie content - this is my very much my approach with clients when it comes to nutrition. I am an anti-diet advocate.

I hope I can help clients to explore ways they can better nurture their bodies (and especially their gut) so they can be the best version of themselves from the inside out. It doesn’t have to be complicated - and often it’s the simple things that work the best.

Good Plate offers one on one coaching sessions; tailored support plans for nutrition, exercise and overall well-being; goal setting and accountability sessions; cooking demonstrations; grocery shopping tours and pantry audits. I am also a sports nutrition advisor so I can provide athletes (both amateur and professional) support with their nutrition for optimal sports performance.

What inspired you to start Good Plate?

Amongst my friends, I tend to be the ‘go-to’ when it comes to “What should I cook for dinner tonight?” or “What can I substitute this protein/ingredient with?” plus I tend to be the in-house caterer when it comes to family and group holidays - and I absolutely love it.

I also love exercise in all its forms, and having worked in a gym environment for quite some time I get a lot out of seeing people realise how great it makes them feel. But so many people exercise seven days a week, yet are eating and drinking bland, processed rubbish and wondering why they’re making no progress and/or don’t have any energy. There is a better way!

I wanted to help people find joy in food like I do, while allowing it to fuel your body. The next step is making this a part of your everyday life and sharing it with the ones you love.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of starting Good Plate?

Being able to work one-one-one with clients and help them become healthier and happier, and see what huge progress can be made from establishing small yet sustainable lifestyle changes.

How do you stay productive when you’re feeling burnout?

I try to get outside and go for a walk or go to the gym - it clears my head like nothing else and gives me time to just focus on breathing and the music in my ears.

I also like to write ‘to do’ lists. Breaking big tasks down into smaller ones, just like following a recipe, is really quite liberating and helps me to stay organised and in control.

What's one thing every woman should know about being successful in her career and life?

Author James Clear uses a stove top analogy for work/life balance and it really resonated with me. Each stove top burner is a different aspect of your life - family; friends; work; health. Your focus will naturally be on the burners that are turned up the highest (where most of your energy is being spent) meaning the other burners won’t get as much attention, which is OK - but it should be intentional and you shouldn’t feel guilty about leaving the others to simmer.

Most importantly, if you have all the burners on high all at once then you’re going to run out of gas pretty fast.

Do you have a woman leader as a mentor or are there specific women who inspired you and why?

My mother and sisters have been excellent role models for me - they are all uniquely strong, independent, creative and entrepreneurial - and all have a wicked sense of humour, while being able to think big picture. Perspective really helps when times get tough.

What’s on the horizon for Good Plate in 2023?

Trying to grow my business slowly and sustainably. I have plans to do some nutrition-based workshops with other like-minded health professionals and businesses.

On a more trivial note, if I could master making Instagram reels that would also be a huge achievement – this stuff is hard!

Location: ORANGE | NSW

Website: Instagram: @goodplatenutrition

Photography: Monique Lovesick Photography


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