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Three women, two shops, and one boutique. Brenda Tritton, Alex Tierney, & Alex’s Mum, Peta, are the founding females of the bright and beautiful boutique; Ted & Olive, in both Wagga & Canberra. With its metropolitan feel and premium Australian labels, Ted & Olive boutiques offer a welcoming shopping experience for country women, and may we add, with bubbles on hand!

Tell us a little bit about Ted & Olive Boutique.

Ted & Olive Boutique was established in Wagga in October 2018 in a fairly quick fashion. The idea was born in July and we opened the doors in mid-October!

Alex and Brenda had formed a lovely personal relationship in a previous field of work and when the opportunity arose to work closely again, it was warmly welcomed. Both had developed keen interests in fashion and now understand the many benefits of dressing appropriately and feeling your very best.

We have great confidence in the brands that we have chosen to have in our shops - quality has been proven over time with well-established brands that provide quality garments from quality fabrics.

Our Canberra shop was opened in 2022 when we welcomed Alex’s mother Peta to the fold. Our shops are mirror images of each other with some signature pieces in each. The Canberra shop was created seamlessly and has been very well received by Canberrians.

Both shops offer beautiful Australian brands - offering casual clothing through to evening wear. Beautiful style for the everyday woman is our ethos.

What was the inspiration behind Ted & Olive?

Alex and I had finished our careers in other fields and it was Alex who dutifully did some homework about opening up a boutique-style shop. It was becoming more apparent that regional customers were having to travel to other cities to try on and purchase garments. This exercise was taking money and job opportunities away from Wagga so the idea of a boutique outlet was developed and created.

We wanted to provide a metropolitan feel to country women and to offer premium Australian brands in our region.

What makes Ted & Olive unique?

Our boutiques are providing a welcomed relief to mainstream mall shops and department stores. We are able to provide personal service and make time for all individual needs. We personally select every item that comes into our shops and only a small number of each item. Our boutiques are welcoming, bright, and beautiful. We are focused on our customers and enjoy showing them how best to style our pieces so they can be integrated into their wardrobes for years to come. And we often have bubbles on hand!

What’s the most rewarding aspect of starting Ted & Olive Boutique?

Brenda: It is exciting to be in our shops and I love every day being able to guide customers and ensure that our boutique is well presented.

We provide personal styling sessions and it is always a delight having someone feel the joy of experimenting with clothes, colours, and styles.

So many people have voiced their delight with having a complete boutique like ours in regional New South Wales

Alex: For me running your own small business is the most rewarding experience. No two days are ever the same from buying to in-store selling, marketing, staff management, and business forecasting. I feel like I am constantly learning and growing. Cultivating business relationships with suppliers, designers, and customers has been especially rewarding after being in business for nearly 5 years.

Peta: Providing the women of Canberra with a choice of clothing and a beautiful in-store experience.

What advice would you give another woman who’s looking to start her own business?

Brenda: Be well informed and take advantage of professional financial and accounting advice.

“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat determination and hard work”

Alex: My advice would be to be brave but well-informed, to be willing to learn, and prepared to put in the hard work. Nothing worth having comes easily but there is no greater feeling than cultivating and growing your own business.

Peta: Just do it! Do your homework, but do it, you won’t regret it.

Before Ted & Olive, what did your days look like?

Brenda: I had worked in the same political position for 23 years in an office environment. Prior to that position, i worked as a Legal Secretary both in Sydney and in Wagga Wagga

Alex: I worked with Brenda in a political office for a number of years. And before that, I had a small business in event management.

Peta: Meeting lots of lovely people and helping them put together an outfit for an event, work, or everyday living.

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your professional career what would it be?

Brenda: Do not listen to detractors and be committed.

Alex: The universe rewards hard work, and don’t be afraid to ask hard questions.

Peta: Have fun in whatever you do.

Who is your favourite designer/label;

Brenda: Perth-based Morrison. Their quality and use of fabrication are second to none. I love Agolde jeans worn with beautiful shirts

Alex: This is such a hard question for me although it shouldn’t be! I can appreciate so many design elements that are unique to each brand. I like the fashion-forward designs of Hansen & Gretel, I love the colour and prints of S/W/F, and Joslin Studio is a stand-out for luxe, timeless dressing.

Peta: Versify, I love that their styles are classic and colourful.

What’s on the horizon for Ted & Olive in 2023?

Ted & Olive have big plans for 2023. We are planning a number of special events for our beautiful customer base from in-store events, styling sessions, and fashion parades, and collaborating with other businesses in both Wagga Wagga and Canberra. We want to cultivate and grow our Kingston boutique who will be celebrating its first anniversary in April. We want to provide our customers with one-of-a-kind customer service in-store which is what sets us apart.


Instagram: @ted_olive_boutique Facebook: Ted & Olive Boutique


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