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Caring, loyal & gritty, Bec Blunt believes that you learn more from your failures, than your success & that being human, means making mistakes. Her husband & her acquired The Hayshed after having their own wedding there & turned it into a unique venue to hire, set amongst the rolling hills of Orange.

Tell us about The Hayshed.

The Hayshed Wedding and Events is located 11km from the sophisticated rural city of Orange and is surrounded by some of Orange’s most beautiful vineyards and pastoral landscapes. It offers a picturesque venue for a Wedding Ceremony, Reception or Event.

The 100-year-old hayshed boasts a grand cathedral ceiling and a stunning outlook over rolling hills. Your guests can enjoy a glass of bubbles while digesting the uncomplicated and peaceful beauty that surrounds them.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of owning and running your own business?

Choosing your own work hours and flexibility with work-life balance. Seeing the joy something you created can bring to others. Able to bring my children to work and have them participate in the business. The people you meet and their stories. Watching everyone transform the venue their way is really interesting. It is amazing the different visions couples have around decorating our venue.

What have been some of the challenges of owning and running your own business?

COVID! Just months after opening the gate to The Hayshed, the first wave of covid hit. After spending months convincing my husband to trust me and that pouring money into a rundown farm shed is a fantastic idea. My biggest fear at this time was if we’ll ever see any sort of normality again.

Judgment! Coming to the realisation that the venue is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I found it difficult when people would provide feedback like it was too expensive or too much work, after showing couples the venue. People don’t always see the finer details of how and what goes into making it what it is and the costs associated with running a business.

People’s expectation of replying ASAP, and lastly not being able to switch off, “it’s 3 am and you forgot to restock the paper towel.”

What’s the best piece of business advice that you have ever received?

You learn more from your failures than your successes. People don’t see BTS with all of the blood, sweat and tears that goes into building a business from the ground up. You are going to make mistakes, it’s not human not to.

How do you balance work & life responsibilities?

Who needs sleep, right? No, after having my first baby a community nurse once mentioned to me “your husband is forever and your children are only on loan”. That really resonated with me. I have always made it a priority for date nights, “me” time, sessions at the gym and catching up with my friends.

After having my first child I really struggled with the identity of being “just a mum”. Talking to some people and new mothers helped me realise that Bec is still here, and it’s always been really important I remember that. I am a woman who is a mother, wife and business owner.

My intention was never to do more than a can handle. It was always to be able to provide for my family so that we were comfortable, be available for my children so that I don’t miss the small things and there will be days where the beds don’t get made and that’s ok.

What advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders?

Inner belief, inner love, inner strength and inner trust.

I know it really sounds very cliche but you have to truly believe in yourself and the business which you’re trying to pursue. Be kind to yourself, yes, I know that is easier said than done.

People will put you down and not agree with what you’re doing, but don’t let their insecurity bring you down. Take it as a compliment. Damn girl, you have got this! Success won’t come overnight and if it does good for you. Be prepared to work around the clock and ensure you’re doing it because your heart is in it and not because of the job title. My husband always says you are the writer of your own narrative, it’s up to you how you want your story to read.

What’s on the horizon for The Hayshed in 2023?

To continue building on what we have already. Adding little touches as we go, and seeing what opportunities are presented/arise along the way.

Location: Orange | NSW

Photography: Laura Cole Photography 


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