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The moment you step inside Studio Seed, you know you’re in for something special. From the calming interiors to the array of classes offered, everything is geared towards helping its members find balance, alignment & all-important “me time.”

Tell us about Studio Seed Orange.

At Studio Seed, we believe that self-care is essential to a happy and fulfilling life, and that self-care goes deeper than simply what you do; it’s about how you feel, your environment, and who you’re surrounding yourself with. That is why we offer a range of services designed to help you relax, rejuvenate, and feel your best, in the most beautiful, calming setting. Whether our members are looking for a relaxing massage or an invigorating workout, we have something for everyone. Our expert team of instructors, practitioners and nutritionists are here to help you find balance in all areas of your life. We are where your health and wellness journey can begin if this is all new to you, or where you can take your health and wellness to the next level. We have identified that movement and self-care look different for everyone, and our space has been designed to cater for all stages of your life. Whether you’re looking for an endorphin-boosting barre class, a nervous system-soothing (and glute-burning!) Pilates class, a solo spa day or a group wellness workshop, Studio Seed has got you covered. And to help enhance the experience of our members who are mums, we offer an onsite creche for classes and day spa bookings.

What makes Studio Seed unique?

It’s really hard to put into words. All the above! But above all, it’s a passion for what we do and a deep love for and of our community. It’s so much more than just a place to move your body.

What inspired you to start Studio Seed?

Exhaustion? Losing myself? Craving a community? Wanting more time with my children? All of the above?! About six months after having my daughter, parenting a toddler and having a husband that worked away, all the things above kicked in. I started questioning everything and trying to find myself and my place in the world again. It was in this headspace that I dreamed up Studio Seed. I was seeking a place I could go to for movement that was enjoyable, a space I felt welcomed in, that was beautiful and inviting, where I could spend time on myself and refill my cup. A place I could go to to find that social connection I was craving so deeply and (importantly) a place I could bring my kids. During this time, I was working for a not-for-profit organisation as their Community Development Manager, doing all the right things, trying to climb that never-ending corporate ladder but never feeling fulfilled. Not long after my son started Kindergarten, I quit my very stable corporate gig to chase my dream. I had no clue if it would work, but the fear of not doing it became greater than the fear of failing. Thirteen months later (thanks to Covid), Studio Seed opened its doors for the first time.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of owning your own business?

It’s incredibly fulfilling to welcome people into a space I created and use it exactly how I intended. Hearing positive feedback from the members (and their husbands!) fills me with warmth and an incredible sense of pride. Starting my own business has allowed me to be more present and flexible as a mother, something that I never take for granted. Seeing my children witness and always learn to follow their dreams is something I cherish.

What have been some of the challenges you have faced in starting your own business?

Getting in my own way! When starting the business, I was worried about Covid, money, staff, etc. But no one prepares you for the mental miles and pressure you put on yourself. I found that I was the biggest obstacle in my business and have spent a lot of time working on this.

What advice would you give another woman looking to start her own business?

Do your research, seek inspiration, listen to the advice you want and forget the rest. Don’t take a no as the final answer. If I had paid attention to all the ”rules” for starting a new business or had been discouraged by all the “no’s”, I would never have created Studio Seed. I burnt the rule book, bit off more than I could chew, and applied everything I learned from the people who inspired me. Be passionate and find YOUR way to do things.

How do you balance work & life responsibilities?

Some days, I accept that things might not be evenly split between work and home, but that’s ok. It just depends on what’s going on in my life. Sometimes I need to focus on my studio and other times, my kids require more of my attention. Achieving balance in life is subjective, and it’s about discovering what works best for you.

What’s on for Studio Seed Orange in 2023?

So much goodness. Watch this space, and members, get excited!

Location: Orange | NSW

Instagram: studioseedorange Facebook: Studio Seed

Photography: Kirsten Cunningham


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