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The Rural Trader
The Rural Trader
The Rural Trader
The Rural Trader
The Rural Trader
The Rural Trader
The Rural Trader

The Rural Trader

The Rural Trader is a restored 1930s General Store that has now once again become the heart of the highway, thanks to new owner Kat Montgomery. The country girl who grew up on a sheep farm on the Hay Plains in the Riverina and had a banking background decided one day that it was time for a change. With that, she left her job, moved to Nevertire and turned her vision of owning her own store into a reality. 


The Rural Trader is carefully curated with a selection of homewares, gifts, apparel & pantry items. But that’s not all, folks; you can also get delicious coffee and sourdough from Racine Bakery in Orange. It’s where you can expect the unexpected in the bush.

Our Editor, Anna Davis, caught up with Kat about her new business and her big career change. 

Tell us about the conception of The Rural Trader?

I used to come to Nevertire on weekends to catch up with friends and stay at my now husband's family farm. Many frequented Friday and Saturday evenings at the Nevertire Hotel had me curious about the old run-down corner store, which had been vacant for over 70 years. I used to sneak away from the pub and peer through the old glass windows in an effort to get a glimpse of what was inside. 

The old store and the original shop keepers house were on the market for sale, and I had a vision and a dream to get my candle factory out of the cottage, get out of my job that I wasn’t really enjoying and finally turn my dream into a reality by opening my very own store. A mix of food, coffee, pantry delicacies, homewares, gifts and everything in between, all of my passions combined. What was also really important to me was the revival of regional towns, and what better way to do that than to put The Rural Trader on the map and make it a destination for western NSW.

We understand that you used to be a full-time banker. What inspired the career change?

I have always been very creative, with a passion for interior design & food. Jumping around through different degrees at university, from creative to the very mundane, I graduated with an accounting degree and embarked on my banking career. 

I worked for a couple of different banks and gave a few different roles a go, but always had this feeling deep down that this wasn’t the right role for me. Finally, I took a leap of faith and ditched the banking world to embark on my dream role, Owner and Boss Lady at The Rural Trader.

Have you always wanted to own your own business?

I have always wanted to own my own business. From the early days in primary school with my sisters running a cake, slice and biscuit business called Country Bush Cooks! We would ring everyone in our local phone book to ask if they would like to place an order. 

My financial acumen has improved over the years. Back then, I never saw a cent of the profits as I think my sister may have hidden the takings! Working in finance was the best introduction to all types of businesses. I learnt so much about how a successful business runs and how to manage the more trying times. I am so glad that I had these experiences, as I have been able to put my best foot forward in my own venture!


Tell us about the kind of products stocked at The Rural Trader & how do you choose what products to sell?

The Rural Trader has two components—firstly, food and coffee, and secondly, the retail store. My vision for the store was to share products and brands that might not be readily available in our area and could be based in metropolitan areas only.

The store consists of pantry items that are sourced both locally and from other regional areas (notably the Riverina where I grew up). We also have a carefully curated selection of homewares, fashion & gifts for all ages.  

You also serve Coffee and food, tell us about what’s on the daily menu at The Rural Trader & what’s a must for our readers to try?

Our coffee and food were very important in the planning stage of the business. We have a selection of toasties and fresh sourdough sandwiches using the iconic Racine’s bread in Orange. They also supply us with fresh pastries, which are to die for. All our sweets are made by local legends Rach McLean and Soph O’Brien, and my speciality is our Rural Roll (B&E) or the Avo Toast. Our coffee is St Ali which is sourced from Melbourne and really is something else.


What’s it like running a small business in the country?

It’s the most rewarding experience. Firstly, the people that you meet are so friendly and humble. Secondly, the community we have out here has been so supportive of my new venture, which is so much more than I could have imagined. It can be challenging at times due to our location and the logistics of transport, but most creases have been ironed out now, which is just fantastic, all things considered. 

What’s on the horizon for The Rural Trader in 2023?

We are so excited about 2023 as we are going to start hosting events and workshops for the community to enjoy. We have recently launched our online store, which we hope to continue to grow throughout 2023.

Lastly, how did the name ‘The Rural Trader’ come about?

I had wanted to open an interior design studio called The Rural Room, and when that didn’t happen, it seemed fitting just to mix it up and flip my idea into The Rural Trader store instead.


23 Clyde Street, Nevertire NSW


0437 453 475




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The Rural Trader
The Rural Trader
The Rural Trader
The Rural Trader
The Rural Trader
The Rural Trader
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