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DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Artist Kezz Brett
DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Artist Kelsie Rose
DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Artist Jade Fisher
DOWNTOWN 2023 Artist Collaboration Calendar Artist - Kelsie Rose

Tiger Lily

ARTIST- Kelsie Rose

DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Featured Artist Kelsie Rose

Kelsie has been a creative since childhood, taking inspiration and lessons from her family and everything around her. From painting snail shells and drawing pictures in the dirt road while moving sheep on her family farm to sewing a dress from a hessian bag and wool pack, she has spent countless days letting her creative juices flow.

Kelsie is a Mumma to 3 gorgeous little ones, wifey to her chippy hubby and a senior speech pathologist. 

Kels grew up on a farm between Forbes and Condo with her parents and siblings and now lives in the beautiful colour city of Orange. Between training for marathons through the parks, reserves and gardens of Orange to hiking the hills on the farm with family, she couldn't find a better source of inspiration as an artist if she tried!

Kels loves to paint semi-abstract florals and landscape artworks, which can be easily identified as hers due to not only the style and colours but also the use of products. You will be able to identify Kelsie’s artworks by the deliciously thick texture.

We hope you enjoy Kels’s artworks as much as she loves to create them.

DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Featured Artist Jade Fisher

Peaches & Cream

ARTIST- Jade Fisher

Jade is an artist based in Gerringong on the beautiful south coast of NSW.  Her love of art started at a very young age. She always loved to paint and chose a creative path by studying at art college.

After graduating, Jade enjoyed an exciting career as a fashion designer working in London and Sydney. During this time, she was lucky enough to travel to many diverse and colourful countries, providing her with an abundance of inspiration for her designs.

Starting a family and moving away from the city gave Jade the perfect opportunity to pursue her dream of getting back to her painting roots.

She's inspired daily by the natural beauty of her surroundings with botanicals being her current obsession. Jade's pieces combine simplistic florals with playful patterns and abstract forms in the background. Her technique is to paint layer upon layer until each section of the painting has pleasing colour combinations and textures that delight.

Through soft pastel hues and cheerful colour pops, Jade's aim is to make people smile when they look at her work.

DOWNTOWN 2023 Artist Collaboration Wall Calendar Artist - Jade Fisher
DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Art Sangria Spell by Sarah Leslie

Sangria Spell

ARTIST- Sarah Leslie

DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Artist Sarah Leslie

Sarah Leslie is an abstract artist whose work is inspired by her love of the natural world and her interpretation of the botanic world around her.

Her work is often identified by the many subtle transparent layers that play with space and depth and her abstract and figurative botanic forms. Sarah creates an interplay between the graphic elements in her compositions, ‘windows’ of organic runs of paint are visible through layers of delicate translucent oil colour. The works evoke a sense of the natural elements and lead the viewer into her seductive and beautiful world.

Sarah, a qualified Graphic Designer who has a background in advertising, fashion and textile design, draws from her extensive experience, exploring balance, colour and form evident in each of her original paintings.

DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar artist Leanne Daquino

Sit & Watch The Leaves Turn

ARTIST- Leanne Daquino

Leanne is a mixed media artist from Melbourne, Australia, who rediscovered her passion for all things creative only a couple of years ago.

For the last twenty-five years, she has been working as a teacher and, more recently, as a Deputy Principal in a beautiful primary school,

Leanne is living proof that it’s never too late to learn something new, that art and being creative is something we can learn, like any other skill.

She comes from a long line of gardeners and has always adored flowers: the colours, the patterns, and the impact they make on mass. Leanne does her gardening with a paintbrush. She loves that flowers can have such a positive and emotional effect on us. 

Leanne's hope is that her gardens bring you joy. That you see a flower or colour or shape that reminds you of someone you love or of a special place or time in your life.

DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Art Sit and Watch The Leaves Turn by Leanne Daquino
DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Art by Kezz Brett titled At The End of the Road

At The End Of The Road

ARTIST- Kezz Brett

DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Artist Kezz Brett

Artist Kezz Brett has always painted, but between raising two children and owning her own fashion boutique for 24 years, she never had the time.


But all that changed upon retirement three years ago when Kezz started focussing seriously on creating her joyful, colourful semi-abstract works that are inspired by the landscape in Orange, where she lives. The vibrant works also look right at home inside her exclusive stockist Jumbled, the award-winning homewares emporium owned by her daughter Pip.

Vibrant, colourful, bold and unstructured, Kezz’s work combines abstraction with figurative elements, and Dulux sample pots are her medium of choice. 

Constantly creating, the artist finds that her best paintings are often the ones that are the quickest to create. Kezz likes her art a bit abstract, but so you can still see what it is.


Most times, when Kezz picks up a brush she just lets it all flow out. Sometimes the faster and more furious she goes, the more energy the painting has. Her best work is when she tries not to overthink it too much.

DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Artist Amy Gibbs

After Dawn

ARTIST- Amy Gibbs

Amy Gibbs is an Artist and Graphics & Textile Designer residing in the picturesque seaside town of Point Lonsdale, Victoria.

Amy graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Visual Communication Design, at Deakin University in 2017. It was during her degree that her love for all things art and design continued to grow, cementing her drive for a future career in the creative industry.


In May 2020, Amy's artwork "Native Rainbow" was selected from over 1000 entries to be a winner of the Kip&Co Art Series 2020. This piece was produced into a tea towel and sold through Kip&Co in May 2021. 

​Amy's first solo exhibition, "It’s A Colour-Full Life", launched in March 2022 through online powerhouse Jumbled and was a complete sellout!


You can also find her work (on occasion, when it's in stock) at various small retailers all over Australia. If you are interested in stocking Amy's original art, prints and/or greeting cards, please reach out via her contact page.

DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Art, After Dawn by Amy Gibbs
DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Art, Peace by Adele Naidoo
DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Artist Adele Naidoo


ARTIST- Adele Naidoo

Adele is a Perth-based Artist, and her work has been featured on The Block TV series and in a number of magazines across Australia, including Adore Home, Real Living, Inside Out and the latest Home Beautiful publications.  Adele’s artwork can be seen gracing the walls of beautiful homes across Australia, and you might have seen her floral artwork in collaborations with leading Australian home brands, including ‘Alive Body’. 

Growing up in South Africa with a father as an Artist, creativity and nature surrounded her. She learnt to appreciate the beauty and colour that made up her childhood. Her passion for art, design and interior styling lead her to complete a Diploma in Interior Design while working as a Reggio Emilia Early Years Art Teacher.

Her work has evolved from purely digital drawings to mixed media, where she now combines both acrylic paints and digital art. Large-scale florals, thick, textured brush strokes, and dripping paint on a subdued pastel or contrasting moody background are her signature style. Adele describes her work as feminine, relaxed-luxe, with a calm palette with pops of colour, pastels and rich earthy tones.

DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Artist Amy Gibbs

After Dawn

ARTIST- Amy Gibbs

Hayley is a visual artist living in Brisbane, Australia.

Her love for the outdoors gives constant inspiration for her artwork. She enjoys taking the simple things in nature and turning them into quirky, colourful and unique pieces. As a self-taught artist, Hayley finds exploring new techniques and mixing colour palettes exciting.

In 2017, when her third child was only a few months old, Hayley picked up the paintbrush and rekindled her love for painting and developing vibrant colour palettes. This is where her passion lies, so she has no plans of putting the paintbrush down soon.

Hayley’s artwork has been involved in various shows and pop-ups in Brisbane and Melbourne. Most excitingly, her first exhibition was recently held in Melbourne. You’ll also find Hayley’s artwork in galleries and gift stores across Australia. 

Hayley’s goal is that her vibrant artwork will bring fun and delight to anyone's home.

DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Art, After Dawn by Amy Gibbs
DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Art, Magnolias in the Spring by Prudence Demarchi
DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Artist Prudence Demarchi

Magnolias In
The Spring

ARTIST- Prudence Demarchi

Prudence completed her double degree in Fine Art and Education from Newcastle University in 2007. 

Predominantly working with acrylics on canvas, Prudence is influenced by nature, architecture, design, music and fashion. She creates abstract paintings that vary from fervent strokes of colour to more controlled geometric and organic forms.

Prudence has exhibited in several joint and solo exhibitions across Australia. Her original paintings and prints have both been collected internationally and has featured on The Block in 2020 and 2021. She has recently collaborated with Earp Distilling Co, New Zealand Skin Co and GYRE- with her textile designs being featured in 2022 Afterpay Australian Fashion Week.

Her works are currently available through private commissions, her website, Jumbled Online, Greenhouse Interiors and other stockists throughout Australia.

DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Artist Kellie Dunbar

Pathways Of Happiness

ARTIST- Kellie Dunbar

DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Feature Wall Calendar Art, Pathways of Happiness by Kellie Dunbar
DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Art, Sing To The Moon by Kate Owen
DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Artist Kate Owen

Sing To The Moon

ARTIST- Kate Owen

Awash with vivacious colour and guided by agile line work, Kate Owen’s paintings are an emotive exploration of self. Comprising abstract florals and intricate collage work, the pieces offer a glimpse into the creative’s wildly expansive technical scope.


Kate started painting full-time four years ago, following her youngest son’s departure to boarding school. Though her current works make substantial use of floral imagery, her earliest pieces – primarily still life, demonstrate a more realistic approach, featuring commonplace objects such as fruit.


Nowadays, Kate has loosened the reigns on her artistic expression, preferring to depict memories and feelings through the use of typically feminine colourways and free-form compositions. She possesses little to no expectancy over the outcome, opting to create instinctively, allowing the piece to progress and ebb freely as needed.

As Kate paints, she scribbles on paper, in both pencil and paint, allowing her to explore colour and form freely. In a process where each stroke determines the next, her works are multi-dimensional, incorporating various layers of transparent and solid paints and varying thicknesses of line. Often featuring botanical components, much of Kate’s work is inspired by nature’s presence on her morning walks around her home on their property near Croppa Creek in NSW.

DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Artist Corinne Melanie

Clara Auri I

ARTIST Corinne Melanie

Corinne is an artist and founder of the online art gallery Take a look at Corinne's artworks, and you'll find dreamlike and visually aesthetic skyscapes, cloud paintings, and colourful abstract designs that transform the room.

Corinne's method combines the progressive use of digital painting technology, combined with traditional mediums such as acrylics, impasto and artist varnish. By combining the latest digital painting technology with traditional methods, the result is Corinne's truly unique style of art.


Her work is inspired by a quote taken from John Moore, "I have always been fascinated by beautiful things, architecture, furniture, books. Beautiful things are prepared with love. The act of creating something of beauty is a way of bringing good into the world. Infused with optimism, it says simply: Life is worthwhile".

DOWNTOWN Magazine 2023 Wall Calendar Art, Clara Auril by Corinne Melanie
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