The recently reinvigorated Tattersalls Hotel Armidale transports their guests to another time and place.

Located on the pedestrian mall in Beardy Street, Tattersalls Hotel Armidale has created the kind of divine space that feels like a home away from home. It’s easy to imagine that you’re standing in the lobby of a grand hotel in a big city. Or perhaps as though you’ve stepped straight into the scene of a movie.

You’re immediately immersed in a world that’s a little more decadent. A little more indulgent. It’s not only the beautiful design that captures your imagination, but the people too. Everyone you meet at Tattersalls Hotel is generous, welcoming and friendly. It feels just like a hotel is meant to; a more luxurious and relaxing home away from home.

While Tattersalls Hotel is currently the talk of the town, attracting visitors from all over the region, it’s been part of the Armidale landscape for over 160 years.


Established in 1854, it was once the height of sophistication. Hosting Bishops, Heads of State, Governors and Governor Generals, Tattersalls was one of the city’s highlights. Quite the compliment given Armidale’s unique architecture of towering cathedrals and grand homesteads. Indeed, Armidale was once in the running to become our nation’s capital and was one of the first cities in the region, being declared so in 1885.

Sadly, the once-grand Tattersalls fell into disrepair in more recent times. Changing hands and names, several times over the decades, it was in 2016 that the building was purchased by residents John and Annette Cassidy. The couple decided they would restore Tattersalls, renewing a place that Armidale locals held close to their hearts, in turn doing their part to help make Armidale great again.

In a project that took more than three years to complete, Tattersalls Hotel has now been lovingly restored to its former glory. The Cassidys could see the potential locked away within the bones of the building and knew it was worth bringing back to the modern world. So they decided to complete the renovations with a premium, Art Deco influence.

The couple engaged the services of Luchetti Krelle Architecture and Interior Design firm to bring their vision for Tattersalls to life. The result? An elegant, understated restoration that nods to the building’s heritage, while ensuring a contemporary sophistication that would be at home in any major city in the world. In a word, it is magnificent.

While the traditional colour palettes of Art Deco interiors were rich and dark, Tattersalls Hotel features a more modern touch with soft, muted tones throughout. Complete with pops of gold, timber, marble and emerald green features, the hotel’s ambience is refined, yet relaxing. You’ll have no troubles switching off from your day and easing into the Tattersalls’ way of life.


More than just a restoration project, the idea behind the new Tattersalls Hotel was to create a destination. Not merely a place to drop in for a meal or stay for the night, but somewhere you can truly escape to. Whether you’re enjoying a drink in the bar or checking in for a weekend getaway, Tattersalls has a way of immersing you completely. Perhaps you travel for business, or are looking for a local escape that feels like you’re a million miles from home. Either way, Tattersalls Hotel won’t disappoint. It’s once again the place to stay in Armidale.

Featuring a beautiful line-up of accommodation options including suites, family apartments and family rooms as well as King, Queen and Single rooms, there’s an option for everyone. Each room is fully-decked out with everything you’d expect of a luxury hotel (they’ve thought of everything, truly) including access to the guest-only lounge and enclosed balcony –

the perfect place to soak up a crisp Armidale sunrise as you enjoy your morning tea or coffee.


Consider yourself a gourmand? A visit to Tattersalls Hotel justifies a road trip, even if you don’t stay the night. Although, I promise that once you’re there, you’ll be wishing you booked a room!

Tattersalls Hotel features an array of dining options to satisfy all appetites and budgets. The relaxed bar menu offers a tempting selection of appetisers and smaller bites including Mini Beef & Cheese Sliders with pepper jam, Spicy Chicken wings and the All-day Breakfast Burger. Perfect for a quick meal after a long day on the road or unwinding with a drink.

However, it’s the Tattersalls Hotel’s world-class restaurant that is the star of the dining offering. Headed-up by international chef, Jean-Luc Marcellet and his team of 15 chefs, the Tattersalls Hotel restaurant is a worth-the-drive dining experience unlike anything offered in the area.

Featuring the finest local ingredients, hand-sourced by Jean-Luc, as well as an indulgent selection of European cheeses and cured meats, the dining experience that awaits you is one to remember. Standout dishes include the Beef Cheek slow-cooked in Great Hops Black Mountain Banshee Ale, Duo of Roasted Duck Breast and Confit Duck leg with roasted sweet potato, beetroot and orange sauce or a steak from the Josper Oven; a unique, Spanish-style charcoal oven and grill that gives the meat a subtle, smokey flavour. Every dish showcases not only Jean-Luc’s skill and passion, but the fine quality of local, New England region ingredients.

There is also a Pizza Garden, featuring an outdoor pizza oven that’s firing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Perfect for the family or a more casual dining experience, the Tattersalls Pizza menu features classic favourites as well as some more original flavour combinations including Black Pudding & Chorizo or the Tattersalls Calzone with ricotta, mozzarella, prosciutto, smoked ham and parmesan.

The extensive drinks menu will round-out your dining experience, or you can simply enjoy a beverage or two in the bar. Featuring options from some of the best local breweries, wineries and distilleries, as well as Australian and international wines, you’re bound to find a drop or two to entice you.


Tattersalls Hotel also offers a range of event options and venues, catering to functions of any size. From board meetings to weddings, Tattersalls Hotel offers all-inclusive event packages. Best of all, with streams of natural light and a sophisticated colour palette, there are more than a few great photo backdrops.

Set among some of the most glorious landscapes in the country, Armidale is the ideal destination to base yourself as you explore natural wonders right on our doorstep. And what finer place to stay after a long day exploring than a luxurious home away from home? If you’re looking for a fabulous local escape, Tattersalls Hotel offers gourmet packages that include accommodation, a three-course meal with accompanying wines and breakfast.

It doesn’t matter whether you stay for a drink, a meal or a few nights, your first visit to the Tattersalls Hotel won’t be your last. Delivering the finest country hospitality in one of the region’s most sophisticated settings, Tattersalls Hotel Armidale is a must-see.

{words: Jessica Bradberyphotography: Mike Terry}