Gunnedah’s Bittersuite Cafe and Wine Bar has been transformed from a mechanic’s workshop in the early 70s, into a vibrant and eclectic space for the whole community – and owner Warren Thomson was there from the start.

Photography by: Taylah Hudson, Wander and Collect

Monday 26 November, 1973, marked the start of an incredible journey – of life, love, and passion. It was on this day the Bitter Suite Cafe and Wine Bar owner, Warren Thomson, began his career some 47 years ago as an apprentice mechanic, on the very same site of his cafe.

By being flexible and seeing opportunity, the site is now a vibrant and welcoming cafe business that oozes life, art, and creates a niche space for the community to meet, celebrate, and relax.

Based on farming property out of Gunnedah, Amanda and Warren Thomson frequented Bitter Suite Cafe and Wine Bar to celebrate family events and enjoy the ambience. They fell in love with the space, the outdoor venue, the eclectic and clever quirks that made this cafe something truly remarkable. The recent transformation of art and incredible local fare cements this cafe as a true destination for the greater North West.


Warren’s vision was to stimulate all your senses in the space – visual through aesthetic beauty, art and ambience. Hearing by creating a relaxed vibe of extensive playlists. Kinaesthetic in providing incredible touch points of sensation. And, of course, taste with impeccable coffee and meals that feature incredible local produce such as Gunnedah local, the now famous Reverence Sourdough.

“We really appreciate the support the community has given us,” Amanda laments. “Encouraging us and our amazing team to excel and strive forward despite all the challenges of 2020. The local community spirit and tenacity during tough times, and the strength of desire for a future, has truly cemented both our town and our business within its landscape.”

Of course, life has provided this couple with personal challenges, which they embrace privately – life has had many difficulties between them. Despite this, the couple admire eight incredible adult children, their talented partners, and six grandchildren. A number of them have stepped into roles that support communities in both their health and wellness – a role Amanda also relishes.

“I so love the cafe and being inextricably woven into our local fabric,” she says.

“We have introduced a health focus, my strong background in business, hospitality, and health has complimented the cafe business and forged future alliances.

“Gunnedah has been tested in recent times and our cafe represents the spirit of the region and its population with great tenacity and future focus for growth and health.”


In the meantime, the cafe will maintain its focus on the diversity of amazing fresh, local produce, local influences of farm life, and represent the epitome of food to plate.

“We have so many people embrace this little oasis in the centre of Gunnedah, and often say they just don’t want to leave,” Amanda and Warren agree.

“This cafe and wine bar represents something truly distinct and you just get lost in the ambience.”

More recently, the couple have also featured talented local artists with live music and tapas nights, which have been hugely successful.

“We are so excited for this future,” says Amanda. “Life has just moved full circle, bringing life and joy to this family, which we just love to share. We hope you get to enjoy it with us.”

{words: Amanda Jefferysphotography: Taylah Hudson, Wander and Collect}