Cheney Suthers law firm offers a fresh, modern approach to legal services – thanks to three inspirational women at the helm.

As the saying goes, if you want something done, ask a busy person. Or in the case of Cheney Suthers, ask three.

Dannielle Ford, Alice Byrnes and Kirsty Evans purchased the established law firm on 1 April 2019. At the time they were juggling their own full-time careers, motherhood (and subsequent sleep deprivation) and, in Kirsty’s case, taking on a farming enterprise that has endured drought, a mice plague, floods and a delayed harvest.

And yet, they wholeheartedly agree the acquisition was one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. After many conversations – and even more coffee – the transfer process was complete and today, Cheney Suthers is proudly owned and led by the three inspirational female directors. Their goal? To offer a fresh, new approach to legal services, with their clients’ best interests at the core of everything they do.

“You won’t see us donning the traditional corporate suits here,” says Alice. “We adopt a more vibrant approach – it’s less scary and calms people as soon as they step inside our offices. After all, when you visit a law firm it isn’t always for the happiest of reasons, so if there’s something we can do to help alleviate our clients’ stress, we’re all for it.”

A holistic approach

Cheney Suthers, which has been operating since 1984 and was founded by solicitors Tony Cheney, Peter Wilson and later Aaron Suthers, proudly offers a broad range of services – ensuring they bring a more holistic approach to their clientele.

In 2021, the firm expanded its operations by opening a new office in Molong, with a view to providing accessible legal services to clients throughout the Central West region.

“We each have our own predominant area which we practise in, but there are also areas where we have some crossover,” says Kirsty.

“This works well as we each have our own client base and another director to discuss matters with – it is invaluable to have someone else there to bounce ideas off. We’re also supported by a very strong team of employed solicitors and paralegals who are eager to learn and have a natural ability to devour any area of law we may throw at them.”

Some of these areas of expertise include Family Law, Commercial and Property Law, Dispute Estate and Succession Claims, to name just a few. While Animal Law is also a rapidly growing area thanks to the firm’s many local referrers.

New year, new office

When it comes to a fresh approach, Kirsty, Alice and Dannielle are proactive. Following on from their Think Day in March 2020 and drawing inspiration from the ideas of their stellar team, they have rebranded, updated their website and with the assistance of Ben and Sally at Benedict Design, they have crafted a new and exciting office on Lords Place, Orange.

“Our new office premises at Lords Place, designed by the very talented local team at Benedict Design, is modern, light and creates a visual impact the moment you step through our doors,” says Kirsty.

“Lords Place is so central to town and we will have a new and inviting space for our clients and referrers to meet. For our clients, it is so important that all their professional advisors are working together as a team and we are really excited to have a space to allow that to happen,” says Dannielle.

Cheney Suthers’ clientele are at the core of everything they do and the three Directors hope the new premises bring comfort during their time working together, too. The fresh fit-out showcases sweeping oak floors and bespoke cabinetry, high-vaulted ceilings and roof windows that invite light to cascade down white walls, complemented by calming green accents in soft furnishings and indoor plants.

“It’s a calm, happy, open space that reflects who we are at Cheney Suthers,” says Dannielle.

“We’re not your typical country lawyers. We’re here to support you as individuals, as well as the Orange community as a whole,” adds Alice.

“We’re genuinely interested in your success and the success of the communities we live in.”

{words: Steph Wanlessphotography: Megan Woodsrenders: Benedict Design}