Dr Amanda Jefferys believes in making small changes for big rewards, making space for your soul to thrive and keeping her horses at home.

How many years have you owned your own business? I have been entrepreneurial since day dot! Always loving new adventures and challenges. Certainly, challenges have not been in short supply throughout the business journey. Having been a health professional for many years, having worked to achieve my Doctorates through recovery from illness. Always had a penchant (some would say an addiction) for pretty horses, and in more recent years the beautiful Bitter Suite Café and Wine Bar for the ultimate coffee. What’s the best business advice you have been given? I study all things business constantly, reading, listening, writing articles and learning from others. The best advice was after I attended an International Women’s Conference in Los Angeles (yes in the days of travel) and realised all the little things I ‘tolerated’, which led to me making lots of the small changes, but also some bigger changes too that were no longer serving anyone well. One simple chain of events leading to being able to embrace spaces for my soul to thrive. Amazing what a major right turn in the trajectory of life leads to. I am a bit over the top and like things to be done right and am willing to put heart and soul into living life with that view to the max. I strongly believe that I do that! What keeps you up at night? Definitely our staff and my amazing and courageous clients, their concerns, trying to keep things right and light for them. Not an easy feat during normal times! I have done better welcoming my busy mind, practicing my mindful skills (lucky I am a clinician knowing all to do). Also, at night I have the most amazing and innovative times of ‘big sky’ thinking of how to make the world a space we want to find more joy in, my best thinking time ever. What’s been the highlight of your career? I have many highlights. Champions and Supremes with the horses at Sydney Royal Show, presenting at Sydney Convention Centre, live music nights at Bitter Suite. But I think in essence my personal path, tenacity, and drive and being able to anchor in humble nothingness at home on the property are the real highlights. All small businesses have their challenges. What were some of yours and how did you persevere? My health, we all carry war wounds, that is my constant challenge, striving and staying positive in mindset, keeping moving with one small foot in front of the other, maintaining a focus on the outcome. Sometimes you just stay flexible and ride out the storms – life turns around again and another chapter blossoms. What’s the secret to your success? Firstly, I don’t see myself as a success, rather just hard working and driven. But the secret sauce for me is definitely having the horses at home – they balance my world, bring joy and heartache, bring challenge and peace. For these qualities I am ever so thankful. I also have the support (mostly) for my very full-on ideas from my husband Warren, and my amazing and precious family never quite know what’s happening next but welcome all of it. They are all incredible beings.

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